Thursday, January 24, 2013

Missing photos

Not sure if you noticed that most of my pictures of Christopher are recent.  I guess that would make sense as sharing him at seventeen would provide the most current photos on hand.  That, plus the fact that cellphones make it immediately possible to capture the moment and almost every one of us has a cell in our hand or pocket at all times.
You may have also noticed that there’s a gap in time that seems to be missing.  My pictures go from seventeen down to about ten.  Why?  Because my old computer crashed and that’s where all the digital pictures are stored!  There’s probably a good five to seven year span unaccounted for (not too thoroughly anyway) and I can’t wait to get my hands on the photos. File me among the guilty of those who take pictures and never get them developed.  I look at them on my computer screen and that’s about it.  I know there are plenty of you just like me.  We have good intentions.  Now I need them!  Ugh.  

I have the old computer, just one of those things on my “to do” list – find a place and then lug the old computer there to get the pictures off the old hard drive.  It’s been on my list forever. I’ll get to it, I’m just not fast enough to satisfy myself.  Now I have an urgency to get to them and so I will.  I could do it myself if only I could find the cord to plug into the computer!   
Of course it has to be some special Gateway model with a weird socket which I misplaced when I moved several years ago…  I looked for a replacement cord on Ebay once and then it slipped my mind and I never completed the task.  My “to do” list is pretty long but unfortunately it’s all mental, I need to actually write these things down and then they’ll really get done! 

So, eventually you will see a new barrage of pictures at some point and you’ll know I actually followed thru and got the photos off the hard drive :-)

I know I can’t be alone in this.  I have at least one sister in the same boat (probably all five of them is more like it).  We take the pictures on our fancy digital cameras and then nobody gets to see them.  They live on the computer once we download them.  We never go to CVS and actually take the time to make prints.  
I liked the “good ‘ol days” of rolls of film.  We had no choice but to develop them if we wanted to see the results of our events.  Well… some people actually didn’t even get around to getting them developed – but I was NOT one of them.  I always brought my film in to the photo counter.  I remember sometimes there would be a coupon in the paper for free double prints too.  Jackpot!  One set to keep, one to share.  That was always nice. It wasn’t THAT long ago was it???
Well, hoping you do something about your pictures if you find yourself in the same boat as me.  At least put them onto a digital frame or something!   
Next thing I need to tackle will be moving my VHS videos to my computer. I’ve got years of those and an entire tote bag of VHS-C tapes that I can’t watch as I have no VCR anymore.  How awful! That’s a whole other “to do” item I wished I had already completed… I need to figure this out and get moving so I can see Chris and Jeremy as toddlers once again.  Thank God I have them, even if I can’t access them yet but, I will!  That's called P.M.A.  "Positive Mental Attitude!"  It helps, try it.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Photos are the best, aren't they? Although they can't walk and talk, and sometimes it's surreal looking at them because the person in them is no longer present physically, they really are quite fantastic.

    I also have a TON of camera cords. I think I may be able to help you out.

  2. Good morning Regina. I was out at a South American traditional restaurant last night with colleagues and there was dancing ... a blast. Anyway, the Macarena comes on and my colleague tells me this funny story about all the weddings he goes to in his large family and when the Macarena comes on all the ladies and girls from all ages get up and get jiggy... AND one, and only one guy... A big old guy with bright red cheeks who's name is Chris. And yes... my thoughts went immediately to your blog about how much Chris likes to dance. And I closed my eyes for a moment and sent him a prayer... just thought you should know that.

    Oh and during sightseeing during the day we went to a historic church in the square and I lit a candle at the Mother Mary statue and said a special prayer for two Moms - you and Debbie. Let that thought stay with you today. There are literally thousands of us out there praying for you all the time. And some of us you have never even met.

    Gotta run and catch my plane now... glad to be coming home :)

  3. I bet if you took your old Gateway to Computer Renaissance in Loudonville (Newton Plaza) and explained your story, they'd be happy to help out.

    I also stopped printing photos around 2006. But the trick is to put them "in the cloud" like in a Google Picasa account or on facebook so that they're not tied to the longevity of your hard drive. You can start scanning old photos and putting them "in the cloud" as well. That way they'll always be with you.

  4. Guilty! Since digital, I have so many albums of pictures on my computer hard drive! I have fleeting panic moments where I might lose them all, know I need to transfer them to shutterfly, kodak or "in the cloud" or some other means so they are not gone forever and I usually have those moments of clarity when I'm at the computer ready to run out to work or an event! Ally and I were just talking about getting these pictures onto shutterfly the other day! If it didn't take so long to download the files, I wouldn't procrastinate, but now that I have had 2 reminders in 1 week, I think I need to get moving on that...

    Since joining facebook, I have albums upon albums in my photos, but it's not the same as printing them.

    Then there is the problem with the cost of printing them. Talk about needing to win the lottery to just get the pictures printed! I take a lot of photos. I'm afraid to forget...

    Digital cameras are great, but I can't afford to print the pictures. When we were in Scotland last year I came home with 900+ pictures of our trip! I did print the last full day of the trip, the World Pipe Band Championship and put those in an album for my daughter to have, but the other 11 days are just sitting there... waiting for attention. Shaking my head right now at all that has to be done :)

    I try to get in the habit after an event just to get the pictures on facebook so I don't lose them, and hope that eventually I will do something with them.

    And I love seeing the pictures of Chris. I know his eyes and his grin. For a while I felt like I met him before because of the familiarity... I finally realized that he looks like he could be related to my husband's friend. They say we all have our twins out there...

    Thank you for the gentle nudge! I'll probably be starting my transfer this weekend in between events.

    Regina, you will be on my mind today, as usual.

    God bless...

  5. I am a photo procrastinater too. Even back in the day when I took pictures on the roll. Several Christmases my husband would surprise me with a box of the years developed pictures. I love taking pictures, I am actually quite a good photographer,but for some reason developing those pictures became a huge task.

    I am so envious of people who are so organized and develop their pictures right away and put them neatly in an album! I keep telling my self hmmmm, a project for retirement...I know if I was more organized with my pictures I wouldn't need to get all frantic looking for them when I needed one...the one of my kids with the mr. Potato head earrings and mouth on, or my husband dressed up as the winner in pretty, pretty princess, or the one of my 3 yr old saying the lords prayer to a priest at my great nieces baptism....oh my I digress!

    I guess I shouldn't beat myself up, there are some advantages to waiting to get those pictures developed...the joy and nostalgia when you finally do develop them and see them again for the first time can be quite rewarding and thrilling! I can't wait to see your pictures of Chris and Jeremy when they were little. The few that you put on here are just precious!

    God bless you Regina, and enjoy those "new" old photos when you get them off that old computer!

  6. I do the same thing with my photos! Even when I would get them developed years ago, my photos never made it to a photo album...they ended up in shoe boxes. There is a small business in Rensselaer that converts old taped recordings on to DVD's. I know someone who got it done for their parents, however that is one of many things on my "to do" list that I have yet to complete. I will find out the business name and get back to you.

    I thought of you this morning as I was in my laundry room taking my children's dirty socks out of balls. I just smiled :) Take care! Dawn M.

    1. I thought of doing this too my husband has litterally videoed the kids entire life! We love watching the kids pull these out and watch them, and they do...and after they get tired of watching them, we sit there for much longer and continue watching...

      I think they convert your picture too to DVD! have a great day!

  7. Regina
    I know how you feel
    We have a million pictures of the 3older ones BC I had to develop them
    Ben on the other hand has a variety of times BC my computer also crashed and all photos of him are on thereWe also have big VHS tapes .you have me thinking its time to do something about all this.i hope you keep focusing on the positive

  8. Regina,
    I am right there with you. I used to get double prints, and I kept a family photo album, and a photo album for each of my 3 children. Somewhere around 2006-2007, my camera broke and my husband bought me a digital...last time I ever saw a picture printed out. I miss film cameras. So, I too, have pictures of my kids up to middle school starting, and I am just now starting to take pictures again because I now have an Iphone. It's funny, when I first started reading your blog, I thought,"what amazing pictures she has of Chris!" And I realized I have very few pictures of my children as teens, especially my middle child. So, thank you for once again making me more aware of something. But a note to you,--we tried to convert all our old videos to digital, but many of the tapes had already deteriorated beyond repair. So, do not wait, get those tapes transferred soon! thanks again, Regina, and have a good day.

  9. Hi Regina,
    I think I can help you here. I would like to offer my business' services to you, at no cost. We specialize in coverting your old photos and movies to DVD. I can hook your hard drive to my system and pull all of those pictures off, index them and get them moved to a disc to you. I can also take your home movies and convert those. Adding chapter marks so you don't have to fast forward or rewind to your favorite parts. Once the project is done the files stay on my server, so you never have to worry about losing your memories again. If a disc becomes lost or stolen, we can always do a reprint.

    The website address is and my phone number is 248-4146. I would love to get those precious memories back to a place where you can view

    1. Bridget,
      You are such a generous person...I am crying right now at your generosity! what a very kind lady!!!! God Bless you!!!!


    2. That is so nice of you to want to give your services to "The Stewart Family" ... How excited Regina must be right now....another sign from Chris wanting his mom to be Happy.

  10. Regina,

    I have always said while I love the pictures my digital camera takes I hate that they are just in my computer! I have been trying to work backwards to 2003 and print out all the pictures I've taken...only about 10,000! My husband has always said I take too many pictures! I do have lots of awesome albums on facebook! I have printed out milestone and some vacations but sadly most of them sit in the computer! I now have two computers that crashed that I need to get the pictures off of! I think I have them all backed up but I still want to take them somewhere to have someone professionally make a backup for me because I would be crushed if I lost pictures of any of my four kids! Not only do I have vhs, vhs-c but some kind of 8mm that was out for awhile, which I need to transfer to dvd. I also want to transfer the really old school films from when my husband and I were kids! Now those should make my kids crackup! All in good time!

    I also have two foot lockers full of pictures I still have to get into albums from my pre-digital camera days! I had the great idea that I would scrapbook albums for my four kids! I have all the supplies and a few pages done! I started somewhere back around 1998! With four kids playing sports and in scouts I have no clue what I was thinking. I have decided that will be one of my retirement projects...LOL! Once again, you've hit home with your blog!

    1. P.S. I recently found a long lost roll of film in a drawer, at least 10 years old...can't wait to develop it and see the pictures!

  11. There is a company in Colonie Village who transfers VHS to DVD. I can find out more info. if you would like. I also know someone who has his own computer repair business.

  12. I have come to down load my photos on to a thumb drive now. I have over 13000 photos. One football season I took over 1500 and made a photo album out of all of them for the head coach of my sons pop warner football. Photos of images are the best. Brings you back when you were a child and see photos of you growing up. I have very few. Once you get those photos back make a folder of each year and place themon a thumb drive this way you can take it with you where ever you may go.

    Love your blog and enjoy each story!!

  13. Hi Regina,
    I'd be happy to get the photos off your old hard drive...we're all geeks at my office and would be happy to it for fun, not money! We're in Clifton Park...if you need anything at all email me at
    John Michne

  14. Again Regina, you nail it for me with your choice of a seemingly mundane topic about real life. You are an inspiration......I am sure you know this but prepare yourself for that video. I am sure we will be reading about it. Oh, be careful choosing external hard drives. The data is soooo precious.

  15. Hi Regina,

    I try to read your blog every day. I fell a little behind. It happens to all of us.

    As a professional photographer (I co-own Hot Shots Photo in Latham), I am going to make a suggestion. Back up the photos that you have now. We not only back ours up on an external hard drive, but we also put them on a DVD and store them in a separate location. If the computer crashes, you have the external hard drive. If the worst happens and there is a house fire or natural disaster, you have the DVDs.

    As for the old computer, I would bring it to Computer Renaissance. You may not even need the cord. They might have one to use. The employees there are great. They are also very understanding and sympathetic to whatever the situation is that you have. Our store was hit by a drunk driver back in August. We had to bring the computer to them for a complete overhaul since it was sitting by the window where the drunk driver drove through. They went through the whole computer and cleaned all of the broken glass out of it and checked to make sure that it was working properly. Not only did they do a great job, they were fast.

    With your current photos, if you wanted to get any of them printed or made into a collage, I can help you with that. We even still process the "old" film. We still have some die hard customers that use film. Our number is 783-1215.

  16. Computer crashes are really troublesome especially when you have tons of pictures and other important stuff stored. This is why I always backup my important files using an external hard drive. But anyway, I hope you get your hands on those photos from your old hard drive soon.

    Benita Bolland