Monday, January 28, 2013


I used to secretly crack up and the cuteness of the relationship between Chris and Bailey.

How fun to be in love for the first time, to encounter that whole new world of feelings and take in all the new experiences.  I recall a few conversations with Chris on the renewed importance of cleanliness.  I told him Bailey wouldn't last long in his life if he didn't shower often and rinse off that football sweat! (I got the eye roll from him)...  Of course I was thrilled that there was someone new to help me instill in him the whole shower concept - it took the pressure off me to push him into the bathroom.  He had a reason to smell good :-)

I liked the longevity of his showers because he was in such a good mood when he had plans to head out on a date.  I could hear him singing thru the door and behind the glass as the shampoo lather spilled to the floor.  You know the sound it makes, there's a certain noise when it splats down.  Aren’t the acoustics in the bathroom the best?  I think I sound good in there too.  
What I didn't care for too much was the smell of the body spray Chris drowned himself in. Axe.  Oh wow was that strong!  He put on a lot of the aerosol spray and it left a fog in his room and trailed behind him down the stairs and out the door.  Truly?  I can't say I miss that, it gave me a headache.  I still have the can of course, I just don't sniff it.  I leave it to look at only.

I'm sure you're aware and maybe even thought about the fact that I still have all of Chris's "stuff"... You've probably wondered what I did with it and if I ever planned to talk about it. His toothbrush, comb, box of Q-tips, razor, old prescriptions bottles, mouthwash, sunscreen, hair gel, etc. is still in its spot.  I'm happy seeing it all right where it was left.  I like it and will move it when I'm good and ready.  Not yet.  Chris had his own bathroom so it's not in my way and I enjoy seeing his messy space.  He never cared if his sink was cleaned or his mirror was clean.  I tidied it when I couldn't stand it anymore.  He didn't worry about it one way or the other.  Today it sits as it was.
Back at Christmas I brought Bailey a bottle of "Manhattan Beach" fragrance body wash that she gave Chris.  I actually had two bottles of the same thing in the shower.  Maybe she bought them both, I have no idea.  Each had been somewhat used by Chris and so I thought well, maybe Bailey wants to smell this from time to time?  I know I do.  It'll remind her of him and that would be good. I certainly didn't shop at Hollister, it wasn't anything I bought him and I won't miss one bottle since I have the other.  I hope she's glad I brought one to her.

It was very sweet the way Chris raced out the door when he was headed to Bailey's house or one of her diving practices.  He used to bring his backpack full of homework and I always wondered if any of it got done.  Dawn Wind tells me it did so I'll go with that...  
Chris' enthusiasm was infectious though.  He miraculously was never hungry for dinner if it meant it would set him back an extra ten minutes in leaving to see Bailey.  I understood that. I never asked him to stay and eat.  I know what his priority was, especially since they didn't go to school together and he didn't see her all day long.  He was jumping out of his skin to be in her space.  I loved how in love he was.  I was happy for him.

I used to send Dawn texts and tell her I was coming down to her house.  They had so much fun there.  They would dance and cook and color and paint their nails (yes Chris got roped into nail painting)... 
He also did Bailey's hair.  He used the straightening iron on it.  He loved to play with her gorgeous long hair!

They had some really great dates.  I can't stand mini golf personally, but they enjoyed it along with shopping, ice cream eating, Lake George treks and movies... Among all the other things teens like such as school sporting events, proms and hanging out at friend’s houses.  
The Winds took Chris with them many places including Six Flags and Boston. They even had planned a trip to see the Bruins but the NHL season was cancelled in December.  I was horribly boring in comparison.  I took them apple picking and that's about it.
Chris and Bailey had one of those sweet love affairs.  They wandered in and out of each other’s houses very comfortably.  They let themselves in and there were times when they were at each other’s house when the other one wasn't even home.  Sometimes Bailey was at my place when I got home from work and Chris wouldn't get home for half an hour, didn't matter. They were welcome in either place all the time. I remember a text from Dawn early on, she told me her husband really liked Chris.  She went on to say she was floored by it because like any father of a teenage daughter, he didn't like ANY boy who took an interest in his child.  Chris was no ordinary boy though.  He was really special and it was impossible not to love him.  I'm so glad he found his way into their hearts and home.  The love was everywhere around Chris and Bailey.  It still is.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Thank you again for sharing your soul Regina.

    We're on the same page Early this morning I wrote & posted the following on my FB page:

    "To know love...Without darkness, you wouldn’t enjoy the light. Without ugliness you wouldn’t understand beauty. Value all of the good things in your life, because without the challenges you’ve faced you wouldn’t fully appreciate them. To know love is to have lived."

    Sending love & prayers,

  2. It is my goal to someday find the same love the Chris and Bailey shared. It's admirable and so special. Bailey tweeted a song lyric to a Lana Del Rey song... "All my friends ask me why I stay strong, I tell them when you find true love it lives on." So true.

  3. Chris and Bailey's tale of young love is one of the sweetest ingredients of their story...and the part that will always seep through the sadness. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It's so hard to find someone that you're compatible with.. And who makes your life that much better. People that are much older are still looking for that. How lucky to have found someone so wonderful for both of them so early on in life. How sad to have it taken away. I think about Bailey.. Will she ever find someone who will be meet her standards now? Her and Chris had something very very special.. I'm not saying this because he is your son.. But the bar has been raised very high.. And he's a hard act to follow. Certainly not something to worry about now.. Somehow I do think that Chris will play a huge part in that process. She has a forever guardian angel , just like you do..
    I wish everyone that kind of love.. I was a slow learner and it took a little more than double that amount of time for me.. But worth the wait :)
    My feeling is.. It's never too late.. Love is love. Sweet at any age.

    Have a good day Regina

  5. That first love experience is such a special one. I love reading about Chris and Bailey's relationship. Do you remember your first love experience. The one that you were so open and vulnerable with. I remember my whole world revolving around that person. It certainly was a time of complete bliss. So many first loves go on to different colleges or different people. I remember my heart being broken like never before when my first love and I moved on into new life chapters without one another. I think about Bailey and how all the more devastating this must be for her. Having her first sweet love taken from her. I have this feeling that maybe her and Chris would have been one of the lucky ones to make it together for life. Thank you for sharing and bringing me back to a place of pure innocence. I am smiling first thing in the morning and my heart is remembering these special feelings.

  6. As a Mom it warms your heart when your kids are loved. How lucky he is to have a family and a girl who loves him so much. I follow Bailey on twitter and I know she doesn't and will never refer to Chris as past tense. So neither will I. Their love is wonderful and to have at such a young age is a blessing <3 Like you once said, If Bailey is close , then you know Chris is too. God Bless you all

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  8. My daughter said Chris and Bailey have the sweetest relationship. She said it is not like most teenage romances theirs is perfect!

    I agree with Maryann, "Chris and Bailey's tale of young love is one of the sweetest ingredients of their story"...

    Thank you so much for sharing todays post...and giving us another look into the absolute adorable bond these two have.

    God Bless...Your first love is one you NEVER forget, Bailey will forever have Chris in her heart!

  9. I love how you start my always seem to know how to write the sweetest things. Chris n Baileys relationship remind me of my aunt n uncle whom met in high school and are still together 35 years later... I know Chris will ALWAYS hold a SPECIAL place in BAILEYS HEART FOREVER AND ALWAYS, as well as in ALL of our hearts....xxxxxxx YOU all have a special guardian angel at all times<3<3<3

  10. Regina,

    Takes me back in time. There's nothing like your first true love. I haven't thought about him in years (he actually went to CBA with your brother, Eddie...Smallbany strikes again!!)! You brought a smile to my face as I thought of all the memories of proms, mini-golf, drive-ins and treks to Lake George.

    Thanks for sharing the story of Chris and Bailey.

    Hugs and peace.

  11. You have the sweetest pictures of Chris and Bailey together. When so many teen relationships are short lived and full of drama , I am so happy that Chris experienced a true love. I think maybe Bailey's grandmother watched Chris living in her house ,saw how special he was and chose him for Bailey. Have a nice day Regina : )

  12. “I am but a firefly caught in his jar and when he looks at me, I can’t help but glow.”
    ― Kellie Elmore

    In the pictures I have seen, shared by you and Dawn, both Chris and Bailey are glowing... It says a lot about a boy who will paint his girlfriend's nails or flat iron her hair. :) It says a lot about how his mom raised him. All the sweetness Bailey experienced was from a sweet young man whose mom raised him right. Those memories she will have forever. It's no wonder she loves you so much! It says a lot about both families who were so supportive and maybe equally in love with their young love. It's beautiful that your families are so close, and have always been from what you share. I have found that opening our homes to our childrens' "other half" is so important. It's important their "other half" feels at home in our home. Like you, it's nice to see them interact, and to witness their "cuteness" and see the genuinness of the relationship. It warms the heart.

    Just before I read your "Love" share, I wrote on Dawn's picture she posted: These pictures say so much about the sweetness of their relationship and their tender love... Then I read your share today.

    I don't think anyone questions you holding on to Chris' "Stuff"... Only you will know when the time will be right. Reading your past shares about Bailey coming over and being in Chris' room; your visits to Chris' room, it never even dawned on me, looking at the pictures, that it should be any different that how it is today, or the next, or the next... The only right time is when you are "good and ready". I actually could see your hands typing that, and maybe a little body language as you typed it. Thinking about how I would handle it, I know I would leave things just the way they are.

    I hope you have a peaceful day, and know that you are in my prayers.

    Before I end:

    “Happy moments, PRAISE GOD
    Difficult moments, SEEK GOD
    Quiet moments, WORSHIP GOD
    Painful moments, TRUST GOD
    Every moment, THANK GOD”
    ― Rick Warren

    God bless...

  13. There's nothing like your first love.i am married to my first love.will be 25yrars in July,been together 33 and have been friends since 7 grade.bailey will have many happy memories that will make her laugh,smile,and even cry.chris is watching over her and someday when he feels its the right time he will put someone in her path that will make her whole again.she will never forget Chris and will thank him always for being the fine young man he was to her.she is a very lucky girl to have found someone so special.that doesn't happen to often any more.

    As for the axe my 13 year old does the same thing.we all tell him its like he's trying to gag us all.he doesn't seem to think it smells as strong as we do.

    I would also leave everything where it is.someday maybe the time will come for you to put it away but I think you should keep it out.
    You and your husband have done a fine job raising your son and I'm sure Jeremy is a sweet as Chris

    Focus on the positive everyday
    You are an Inspiration to so many i think would lay in bed and do nothing,but seeing how strong you are and how determined you are to make things right,whether by a law or just by talking about your son has made me realize my 4kids would deserve the same from me
    Hopefully i will not have to go through this life lesson but if i do i know i can and would do whatever i could.thank you regina

  14. I am so happy Chris got to experience a love like he had with Bailey. As parents of teenagers you and Dawn must have seen the specialness of this" once in a lifetime love". Aren't you happy you let them experience this love? I am sure it soothes your heart to know he had such an experience.

    I didn't get a chance to respond to your weekend post about the ways in which your two families have collided. I personally believe in fate , not coincidences and I think you all experienced this concept. What do they say "the six degrees of separation".

    Have a good week!

  15. Hi Regina! What a beautiful love story. I am so appreciative for you allowing me into your life and hearing and seeing such intimate moments if your life. You have a heart of gold. You are an amazing mother. I hope I can model in your footsteps with my 6 & 3 yr old.
    Lots of love. Lela

  16. I love the pictures of Bailey and Chris. thank you and Bailey for sharing them with us. Their story is amazing and beautiful. My daughter began dating a great guy about a month ago. After a couple of not so great relationships, this is the one I have been waiting for for her. They are happy, they have fun together, they are silly together, there has been no drama. I think this is love for the two of them. I love your view on Chris and Bailey's relationship. You mentioned some things that I haven't thought of or viewed from the perspective you do and I appreciate it. Thank you again for helping me when I wish I could help you.