Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bailey and Chris

I sat here again debating what to write about.  I decided Bailey and Chris's relationship would be nice.  They made a really cute couple, had a great love story and spent a lot of time together.
As is the case with parents sometimes, I was one of the last to know Chris was dating.  I don't think it was a secret particularly but more so a guy thing where it never occurred to mention it.  For God sake... This is huge information for a mom!!!! How could he not share? Seemed like another one of those areas where my boys were withholding my motherly rights to know and get excited!  This is important in my world.  I want to know whose spending time with my boy and I sure would like to meet her!

First experience for me was a night Chris met Bailey at the movie theatre.  He didn't have a car or his night license at the time so I picked him up.  When the movie was over out he came alone, he left her in the lobby!  I sent him back in to wait with her telling him that wasn't proper.  He headed back in and waited for her mom to arrive.  

I tucked that one in the back of my head... We needed to have a little chat about watching out for Bailey and taking care of his girlfriend.  He needed a talk on being a gentleman...

Interestingly enough, he caught on pretty fast and I believe he learned and enjoyed how to protect, love and respect her.  They had a blast together.  
I personally liked that they went to two different high schools.  Something about it logistically made me feel like they appreciated each other just a touch more because there was a sense of anticipation in waiting to see one another after school and on the weekends.  I know they texted and chatter often but I felt they could concentrate on school easier without seeing each other in between classes, probably just my own wishful thinking.  Made sense to me though!
I wish I could remember the exact day I spent time with Bailey, I just don't recall specifically. I feel like I've known her for years.  She's a part of our family.  Her sister and parents are too.  Feels like a natural blend.  They've been here, we've been there and we've gone out together.  The Wind's always seemed to be taking Chris somewhere with them too.  I used to feel bad about the financial expense he must have added but every time I turned around they had another excursion planned and Chris was on the invitation list.  He was definitely not an inexpensive addition!  Being the socialite he was, Chris always wanted approval to go.  He usually got it.
Bailey and Chris juggled their schedules really nicely.  She had diving practice or personal training often and Chris had football daily.  He'd bring his homework and spend time at her house right after practice or she would come up for a couple hours after hers.  It appeared to me they were actually completing homework and they both got good grades so there wasn't a reason to curb the visits.
Weekends got a bit dicey as the football players wanted Chris's time too and this girlfriend thing wasn't the best from their perspective.  They made it known and objected to having their guy time cut.  There was Xbox to play and wings to go out and eat! Chris figured if he saw Bailey early then he could he get to his friends by eleven or midnight and spend time with them too.  It appeared to work out eventually.  Especially when his friends began dating too... Then they understood a little better.  Bailey needed her girl time too.  Chris wasn't the only one being tugged.
The two of them did all sorts of fun things around town.  Rode the kiddie rides at Hoffman's Playland, took day trips to Lake George, spent countless dollars at Sixteen Handles on expensive frozen yogurt, tried every Recovery Room in the capital district, dressed up and headed for proms, went apple picking, mini golfing, and bowling and took long walks around the neighborhood.  It was extraordinary to watch.  They were in love.

Chris was so proud when Bailey signed her letter of intent for the University of Tennessee. He asked if I would write him a note so he could get out early and be at Shaker for the press release.  Of course I said yes.  He text me from the school upon arrival excited he didn't miss anything.  He sent me a picture and told me to put the TV on (which I couldn't because we don't have one in the office).  He wanted the world to know he had an amazing girlfriend. He did for sure!  She's the best.

Bailey came over to see me last night.  She visits often and we love each other’s company. It feels good to have her in the house comfortable and relaxed.  When she's here I know for certain Chris is here too, we don't have to wonder who he might be visiting.  When we're together we know he's spending time with his mom and girlfriend and that's the best.

Thanks for reading.


  1. To have found that kind of love at such a young age is amazing! Chris and Bailey were truly blessed to have found each other and share the connection they had. The love and devotion that Chris showed Bailey will leave an everlasting imprint in her heart, mind and soul for the rest of her life. It is a beautiful story, what an amazing son you raised! God bless you and your family, and thank you for sharing your life with us.

  2. I've been following your posts and there hasn't been one that hasn't made me both smile and cry. I am a young mother, just turning 27 of a little boy recently diagnosed with autism. I still cry and Wonder most of all will my little boy ever find someone who will love him, knowing he will be different. This post in particular gives hope knowing how good people are, even at a young age like Chris and bailey. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Regina, you have an impeccable sense of timing and knack for taking the high road...I don't know how you do it, but it is certainly a beautiful thing. Each day, I hope you are filled with the sweet peace you deserve each time you hit "send."

  4. Made me tear up because I see the same connection with me and my boyfriend. We've been dating just a little longer than Bailey and Chris. I can't imagine if I ever lost him. For me, that is one of the most tear-jerking parts of this.

  5. I knew that I would love that entry as soon as I saw the title. I love that you and Bailey have each other and are helping each other heal. You are BOTH in my thoughts. xoxo

  6. Beautiful post, Regina. . . . how wonderful that your families have each other to gain support from through this awful time. Stay strong ad brave, especially since the legal proceedings have begun. Gods grace upon you!

  7. What a beautiful love story. Thank you for sharing. I only hope that my children can find that type of relationship, unselfish , respect and most of all love.

  8. Thank you for sharing another precious moment with us. People have no clue what the world is like out there we all think we're in our worst position and noone has it worse till someone like you has the strength to share your daily life with people and give us strength that if you can move on so can we. Also people need to remember there is always someone out there in a worse situation then themselves.....

  9. Beautiful is all I can say about your relationship with Bailey. You are both so fortunate to have one another. This blog brought a tear to my eye.

  10. I'm glad that you have Bailey, and Bailey has you. I knew the Wind family (from the past, not now) when Bailey and Nicole were still in elementary school and they were always close. That is what we witnessed at basketball games where my daughter and Nicole played on the same team. Just knowing them then, I know her family is there for her hands down, but it's so special that your home is open to her and you are both there for each other. That your families are close.

    It is lovely to see that your families came together to support your childrens' relationships and come together and bonded as a whole. It's something more families should do. I constantly get comments for being close to my daughter's boyfriend or son's girlfriend. It's just who I am. I want them to feel welcome and special. I have always been like that and I loved reading about your relationship with Bailey and Chris as a "couple" with family who supported them, and let them be in love.

    No one should go through anything alone, if at all possible. It's beautiful that your home is open to her and you can heal together.

    Your blog has afforded those of us who care to know, the ability to know how you are feeling, and to know that there is comfort out there in your daily experiences. Social media has put a lot "in our faces" and it's comforting to have the other side of that, to be able to click open your facebook page, click on the blog and just open it up to know how you are feeling, how you are coping today. If I didn't have the blog, I would just sit and wonder and assume.

    I realize we only read a small clip of what you are dealing with, but it speaks volumes about how you spend your days, how a small instances prompt beautiful memories, words of encouragement, words to help become stronger.

    God bless...

  11. Bailey sounds so wonderful and I'm glad you both are close, seems like a wonderful connection. I love your journal, it makes me smile and tear up every time. You're family is always in my prayers. Take care.

  12. Thanks for sharing another beautiful story. Glad you and Bailey have each other to lean on. Brought me back to my senior year in high school and my first real love. There's never another love like it even though we may move on from it there's something very special about your first true love.

  13. Regina,

    Although I don't know you, I've been reading your blog from the beginning. I've laughed, cried and related to so much of what you have shared. I look forward to reading every day and feel connected to you. Thank you for sharing your journey in such an open, honest way. You are an inspiration and have touched a lot of lives in ways you may never understand. I am lucky enough to be the mom of 3 adult children. I love being their mom and now I am lucky enough to watch them all become parents. I always enjoyed the little moments and that hasn't changed. You remind me to enjoy the small moments. Thank you for that. By the way, I married my high school sweetheart and we will soon be celebrating our 39th anniversary! I love that you understood that Chris and Bailey had something special.

  14. ❤ You are nothing short of Amazing!!! Truly. ❤

  15. <3 Chris & Bailey = beautiful loving couple!! It's really great you & Bailey have each other I'm sure it has helped you both. I pray for the best for Bailey especially with her diving. It's wonderful Chris was there for her signing and I'm postitive it probably meant the world to her. Thank you for sharing this blog with us.

  16. Regina,

    I am so glad that you and Bailey get along so well and are still there for each other. It is not always a mom and her sons girlfriend get along so well.(why do you think there are so many mother-in-law horror stories out there?) The Winds, Bailey,Dawn,Bobby and Nikki are amazing people and very likeable and easy to get a long with, it is no wonder you all like each other and your families get along well. My daughter is friends with Bailey, I recently sent Dawn a photo text of Bailey ,my daughter and another friend at Shakers prom last year. My daughter told me she danced with Chris at prom. My daughter said and I quote " Mom, Chris was just the nicest guy and he and Bailey were the perfect couple!"

    I think you may have an over-night guest? Maybe? I hope if Bailey does spend the night tonight it helps you both feel Chris's presence tomorrow as his 18th birthday arrives. I know tomorrow will bring out a whole bunch of emotions, but you will have each other for support, God Bless you, Mike, Jeremy, Bailey and the Winds. Chris was a joy to all who met him and he continues to be an inspiration to others through you even though he is no longer physically here he continues to touch people's lives