Sunday, January 27, 2013

A little story

I want to share a little story that I've been hanging on to and very few of you know about.

In 2008 I put my house on the market.  It was just too much, size and expense being part of it.  So the for sale sign went up and I began to look for something smaller.

I wanted to be sure and stay in Clifton Park because I didn't want Chris to change schools. Jeremy was attending a private high school so district wasn't overly important for him but knowing Chris adored SHEN I was insistent on staying close to the house I was selling.

So, I was surfing around on Craigslist in the real estate section and came upon the property I now own.  The purchase of it was nothing extraordinary, I've bought and sold probably five or six times and I sold real estate for many years in the past.  I'm aware of the process and the series of events to get to the closing table.  Not a big deal.  Pain in the neck for sure, especially the physical moving part but the paperwork stuff just takes time and patience.  I actually like it... I'm probably in the minority.
Anyhow, I found this property and sent an email to see if it was still available.  It was, so I made an appointment and met the woman selling it.  Her name?  Dawn Wind.  No lie

Dawn was selling her mother’s property.  Her mom, Donna had passed away and the family had just finished clearing out the house and preparing it for the market.  It wasn't even for sale thru a real estate company.  I found it by owner and Dawn was the contact.

Keep in mind that this was early 2009.  Chris and Bailey didn't meet until 2011. 
Dawn Wind is Bailey's mom.  Bailey is Christopher's girlfriend.  When Dawn's mom was alive, she owned the house for twenty plus years.  After she got sick and passed away I bought the house.  Two years later, Chris and Bailey started dating. 

I knew Bailey’s last name but didn’t put two and two together until I went to pick up Christopher at the movies after their first date.  I was waiting outside the theater when Dawn pulled up to get Bailey and I recognized her vanity license plate and make and model of the car. I realized I had previously seen that same car in the driveway the day I went to look at the house I ended up buying.  I'm living in Bailey's grandma's house!!! It's true!  We still talk about it and can't believe it.
Dawn and I almost flipped out the day we came to realize our two kids were dating and I bought the house from her mother’s estate.  Chris and Bailey didn't understand the hype. They were matter of fact about it while we were shocked at how and why this happened. Dawn and I were blabbing it to everyone we knew!  Imagine?!! It's been a sweet experience for Dawn and her family too because they never expected to set foot back in their mom’s house again once it was sold.  Now they're over often and feel so comfortable.
Dawn has several siblings, one named Darcelle. When I closed on the house and settled in, it turned out that Christopher's bedroom happened to be the one Darcelle slept in. 

OK, now this is where you need to follow along!

So now here's the really amazing part that makes this so incredible.  I'm not making this up. It gets even more interesting…

Darcelle replied to a recent blog of mine, you'll need to go back and find it.  It was titled "I wonder".  I posted it a couple of days ago.  Find that blog and read the two entries Darcelle wrote.  She has a four year old son, Preston, “who has seen” Christopher and his grandma, Donna in recent weeks.  I believe it's true.  Some have this intuitive gift while others don’t. He’s very fortunate in my opinion, yet so am I for hearing about it.  It was nice of him to share.  
A funny little side note... Last May, before the SHEN prom which Chris and Bailey were attending I invited Bailey’s family over to take pictures.  Well, lo and behold, Darcelle (and I don't know who else) showed up a week early.  Anyway, I wasn’t even home from work yet but Chris was there to answer the door.  When I did get home, Chris shared the story with me and thought it was so funny that Bailey’s aunt was so excited to see the house she had the date wrong.  Chris let her in and she toured the place and loved the fact that she and Chris shared the same bedroom.  I thought it was worth telling you.  There are no coincidences are there?  

Thank you for reading.


  1. Providence. :-). Thank you for sharing.

  2. What an amazing story! And yes it is true, there are no coincidences, I call them God Wink's, just God's simple way to let you know that He is with you and so is Chris.

  3. Regina,

    I got chills great story!!!!I do not believe in coincidences and I do not need to look back I recall Darcelle's story I was in awe of her post. I do believe that people have this gift and children especially are able to recoginize it. Often as we get older I think it is there, but we don't pay attention little kids just seem to still be able to hang onto it because they recall being in the presence of God.

    My friends and children feel I have this gift,(I am not saying I am some sort of medium...thank God because I don't think I could handle that but things do happen)I used to dismiss it but I am starting to notice why they get"creeped out" for no better word, besides writing random things on papers and them a few minutes later someone repeats the exact phrase I wrote, or knowing people are pregnant before they know or say anything, writing a quote from a song in an email to a friend and then when I am in the hallway at school some kid is singing that same song, a song that was writiten before they were probably old enough to remember it and i ask them why are you singing that song? They reply "IDK it just popped into my head" hmmmm...or calling someone on the phone that I haven't talk to in a while and they tell me I had my phone in my hand to call you right now, I litterally was dialing your number...

    here is an interesting story...
    two months ago I was honoring a friend in church for her retirement, during my speech to her I mentioned a bible quote, not a common one mind you, and then I mentined how her husband (who passed away 2.5 yrs ago unexpectadly) was looking down with pride at her. afterwards her daughter came up to me crying and thanked me and said "You have no idea how much we appreciate your speech" I told her it was no big deal I loved her mom and it was my pleasure and she said..."Annie just 3 days ago we finally picked the quote we wanted to use on my dads tombstone and it is the exact same bible quote you just used in your speech!" Ok even I was a bit freaked out. Her mom said to me she was grateful, because her daughters still were not 100% sure of the quote but now they had no doubt.

    I try not talk too much about me or my kids in these posts, but I wanted to share this story, because for years I was like...hmmm what a coincidence but, as I get older and my faith grows deeper I don't think you can believe in God and coincidences at the same time. I think everything comes from the Holy Spirit and should be viewed as a blessing and a gift.

    Enjoy your day and again GREAT story!!! I loved it!!!!!

    God Bless!!!! XO

  4. Goosebump worthy. Also, as an aside, yesterday I sent my goddaughter an e-card to Urban Outfitter...the last two digits of her e-mail address @ SUNY Oneonta? Yup. 69.

  5. That is so amazing you live in Bailey's grandmas house. I bet that makes it extra special when she comes to visit. Thank you for sharing this story I really enjoyed it!

  6. I have no doubt that Bailey's grandma chose Christopher for her granddaughter from up above. I'm sure when his kind and gentle spirit entered her old house, she knew he was the one for her Bailey. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Reg- I have been reading your blog since day 1- this is the first time I had to comment. This is incredible. I just on 'coincidence' picked up the book "When God Winks at You: How God Speaks Directly to You Through the Power of Coincidence" by SQuire Rushnell. I could not put it down- I highly recommend you read it! It will give you much perspective on today's blog!!!
    Thinking and praying for you always...
    Liz (Centi)

  8. Wow... I loved that you shared that with us... Thank You

  9. This is truly a chilling story! In a good way! As you have said many many times before, God has a plan for each and everyone of us. I am going to reference one of your older posts closer to the initial time of the accident. You had mentioned how this whole situation had changed many peoples lives and brought people together. Well, since you share so much of yourself to all of us I am going to share a little story with you and how all of this has affected me personally. Bear with me... So, I have a half sister who is a senior at SHEN and she knew both Christopher and Deanna. I prefer not to mention her name because it is kind of a complicated situation. Anyway here's the kicker, she does not know who I am or that I even exist, at least to my knowledge. I am almost certain she doesn't because of the fact that the last time I saw her she was probably 3 or 4 years old at most. Anyway, after the accident I saw her on TV doing just a random snippet interview about Chris and Deanna. I had always known who she was and knew that her last name was different than mine. I've always had the slightest urge to talk to her but I don't know what she has been told. I see her on Facebook but her page is private, I can't add her on there either because her mother is on Facebook and if she sees that, well, I don't want to cause any trouble. I feel like I should reach out to her because she is my sister but at the same time I feel like it is not my place because her mother has made a different life for her. The point is that after the accident and seeing her on TV I have been fighting this urge to talk to her more. I mean would she want to know? Maybe she does know and doesn't want to know who I am. I sent her mother a message on Facebook after the whole accident just reaching out to both of them because I knew that she had been good friends with Deanna and knew Chris as well. I hadn't communicated with her mother in probably over 10 years. I never got a response to that message, not that I was expecting one. I try to place myself in the mothers shoes and imagine what she thought after reading that message. She probably had a thousand thoughts going through her mind. Or she simply read it and gave it no more thought. My intentions are nothing more than just wanting to talk to my sister. I don't want to cause any issues. I want her to know who I am and let her make the decision from there on what she wants to do. Let me try and bring this back to the relation it had to your blog. My point is this whole thing has brought different things to different people. For me, I have created a work relationship with you Regina, I see you in the halls and I see your cute little dog, which I can't wait to meet! It has brought to my attention what two amazing children you have, it has given me inspiration and a different perspective to each and every day. It has also made me want to be closer with my family and friends. So out of this terrible terrible tragedy, in a way it has brought me closer to my sister. Right now I am ok with leaving an open door. If that is all I can get, I'll take it. I just hope that someday I can talk to her. Without her mothers consent though I just can't bring myself to do it because like I said, it's not my place. Maybe I should reach out to the mother again. I just want her to know I am not at all trying to create problems. I am so sorry for you loss and you are an inspiration and I don't want this to come out the wrong way but if it weren't for this tragic situation, I may have never given any second thought to connecting with my sister. I read your blogs everyday and it just really makes me step back and take everything in and to not take anything for granted. I do know she (my sister) posts about Chris and Deanna all the time on her Twitter. They are both in all our thoughts, from when eat big deli subs, to seeing or hearing the number 69 or 19! Thank you. God bless you.

  10. Wow...what an amazing story. I for the chills reading it. Thank you again for sharing this special story. God bless

  11. Regina,

    My oldest daughter Elise fought cancer (brain tumor) from 16 months- 4 1/2 years old. It was an awful time, and the 12th anniversary of her death just passed. I remember feeling desperate to know she was ok, but there were several "messages" from her that assured me she was. I believe, that because children have an open mind, they are the lucky ones that have experiences. When Elise died we were especially concerned about her best friend and cousin Mathieu (who was five weeks younger). The night before her death, he spent the evening playing and laughing with her. He left at 10pm and she died at 3am the following morning. When it came time for my sister and brother-in-law to tell him, he stopped her mid-sentence and said, "Mom, I know Elise died, she told me she was in heaven and had to follow the footprints to the bathroom." I knew that at that point if Elise was going to speak to anyone it would be Mathieu. They had a very special bond, and I believe they still do. It brought me peace to hear what Mat had to say, the innocence of a child. After awhile, I went to a psychic, although afraid. Someting I never considered before. My husband thought it was ridiculous but when I came back he was amazed. It brought me peace and assurance that she was being taken care of.

    We are a part of the Shaker/Shen family and I have read your blog almost daily. I can relate in many ways. Your strenghth is an inspiration. This is a "forever" path for parents that have lost children, regardless of age. I wish I could say time heals. In a sense it does, but there is always a void. Twelve years later, three more children.... and yet some days/years are better than others. There will be more amazing messages from Christopher that will hopefully bring you peace and comfort. I know the desperation of needing to feel him... been there and still am. God Bless!

    Sarah Donlon

    1. Sarah, your family and daughter Elise are in my prayers.

    2. God Bless you Sarah, what a beautiful gift to share with Regina... You are a strong woman and you are in my prayers... You too are an have given her the message of Hope...

  12. WOW! Truly an amazing story. I have always believed people are put in our paths for a reason. When you posted the picture of Chris with the adorable little boy on one of your past blogs, I wondered who he was. You could tell from his beaming little face how much he adored Chris. I think it's awesome he has been chosen to see and receive messages from Chris, as well as, his grandmother.

    When my one son was little (3 - 5 yrs old) he used to tell stories about how before he was born, he and God would use a ladder to get down from heaven to Grandma's (my mom's) house. He would tell in vivid detail about the adventures they went on and describe places, that really existed, but to which we'd never taken him and he would talk about people, some who had passed but whom he knew. I often wondered how he knew these people and places and how his stories could be so detailed. I was at a group psychic event one time and I asked the psychic about it. She told me it was true he was talking about his "something life" and of course I cannot remember the name of what she called it.

    It seems a path was set in motion way back in '09 when you made the call to inquire about your current home. Thirteen years of Catholic school, it's ingrained in me, the Lord works in mysterious ways! I believe Chris will be sending you signs and sending more messages through Preston. Thanks for sharing this awesome story!

    Hugs and peace!

  13. Good morning Regina. Like I told Dawn, amazing memories, amazing ties... there are really no words... You are all in each other's lives for a multitude of reasons, (this is more than obvious from what you have shared) that may have started when you bought a house... or maybe even before, but you were all meant to be together. Of this I'm sure.

    Coincidence is defined as "an accidental and REMARKABLE occurrence of events..." I believe that would be how this "little story" can be labeled... Remarkable!

    I hope you have some dessert with Dawn and Bailey this evening to share Dawn's birthday and you keep continuing to build some amazing memories, with Chris by your side the whole time...

    God bless...

  14. Dear Gina,
    What an Amazing story! Thank You so much for sharing it with us, wow. After I finished reading your story, I immediately thought of the picture you shared with us of Bailey sleeping so peacefully in Christopher's room. I feel the need right now to let Bailey, Deanna, Matt, and all their families know that they are Always In My Thoughts And Prayers everyday as well as you Gina, Mike, and Jeremy. I really look forward to sharing this story with several people. Wishing you a day of happiness and hoping each day that passes takes sadness from your heart and replaces it with joy. Love You, Eddie

  15. Amazing story. God makes sure we are never truly alone.

  16. Dear Regina,
    You, Dawn, Chris and Bailey gave me a gift that day you let me visit your home. My heart ached to visit my mom's house one more time. When Dawn told me that Bailey was dating a boy that lived in my mom's house I was so excited. It was so unbelievable. The "hole" in my heart was filled with joy. I know about the "hole" you mention before unfortunately I got when I lost my mother to cancer. I loved my mother so much and missed her dearly. I called or texted Dawn one day and said is the boy that lives in mom house over. She said yes I said oh can I please come over just for a minute to meet him. Dawn said yes. I pretended I left something down in the basement where they were studying and said oh hi. I am Bailey's aunt and I forgot something lol. I was only there for 5 minutes but I was so happy. Then I asked Dawn can I go to mom's someday with you. So Dawn texted me about the prom and said meet me at mom's for pictures. Well I did mix up the date not realizing it. I was like huh something is weird no one was there but Chris in his shorts. I said ah Chris is tonight not the prom. He said no lol you’re early. OOPS I had no clue. I was just so excited and nervous. The sweet boy that he was let me in and gave me a tour. I told him I love what you did to our room (I have a twin so we shared that room). So I did end up coming back on the correct date. I thought how lucky am I to visit my mom house twice? Well Dawn gave me a gift that day and so did Regina for inviting Dawn's whole family for pictures. Thank you. Once I read Regina's blog about I wonder. I had to share my gift with them. Trust me some times I question it and wonder. I would never have shared if it wasn't true. I am so glad I do have this gift and I can help you, Dawn and Bailey with the "hole" in your hearts.

    1. That is beautiful Darcelle...What a lovely story and a great gift...God Bless!!!! Regina, Bailey and Dawn are blessed for the gifts you and Preston share with them!!! I read your blog the other day and cried...I read it to my daughter today(she has known Bailey since second grade and they are friends)and we cried together today...especially when you told Preston to tell Chris to go be with Bailey...Ok crying again...keep up the good work.. :-)

  17. That is incredible! I am glad you shared all of that with us. I believe there are no coincidences. It makes Chris and Bailey's relationship that much more special!

  18. Regina,

    Thank you for sharing that special connection and story with us.
    These two fsmilies were meant to be a part of each others lives.. That is for sure.
    I can see why you blog and do it daily.. There really is so much no share with us.. And so much for you to process.i would go crazy if I couldn't share all of this information about Chris and your life as well.
    I know all of this is so extremely personal...thanks for entrusting us with your memories. It is a big deal..
    Truly amazing!

  19. Hi Regina! I've been a little nutsy lately and haven't had a chance to respond. I'm still here....if that matters. Anywho....this is brilliant. You are so blessed. It's incredible.
    Xo Lela

  20. WOW!!! amazing and beautiful!!! it's destiny to have the Stewart and Wind families connected. There really is a path we are suppose to follow and someone up there is making sure we stay on those paths.