Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"Lost" Pictures: Found

Well… safe to say a new can of worms has been opened… OK, well a new series of photos have become available!  YES, YES, YES, my old Gateway computer has been man handled by my girlfriend’s boyfriend – who will only let me identify him by his first name “Jason”.  He retrieved the documents and pictures for me!  I feel like I hit the lottery!! :-)  I DID hit a lottery of sorts!!
Wow have these photos been making me smile.  I keep sorting thru the folders viewing picture after picture of the kids when they were younger.  The two of them are so damn cute! 
I’ll post a random smattering here and you’ll certainly see more of them to come now that I’ve got my mitts on them!  Thank you Jason for helping me with this project, I’m so excited to lay eyes on these photos.
It’s funny how many events are forgotten until a picture is produced.  I find myself repeatedly saying “Of course!”  How could I have forgotten that day?”  And then it’ll trigger a memory of something that happened and it’ll make me giggle.
We got snapped at by a turtle at camp and he was really angry.  I think he was sunning himself and didn’t like our noise and carrying on.  He happened to be settled in a very public area though and we really needed to move him for his own safety as well as ours… All we wanted to do was get him off to a quiet spot but he was cranky.
The first concert Chris ever went to was Earth Wind and Fire at SPAC… I created a monster in that department.  He loved going to concerts after that first one and being that I loved them too, I seemed to be every parents go-to girl when their child wanted to attend.  I did a lot of driving and a lot of sitting at some concerts I would have preferred to stay home from.  I am not a heavy metal fan and don’t ever opt to hop into a mosh pit.  Chris and friends; they liked to dabble on the outskirts and laugh out loud.  I steered clear of the nutty people but I did go with them.  Ever hear of Nine Inch Nails?  I saw them – not my cup of tea… Also suffered thru Godsmack and Disturbed but loved Three Days Grace and Nickelback and saw them multiple times.  My first concert was the Beach Boys in 1978!
We had really fun times with sports events – both professional as well as personal.  I always hated playing volleyball with the family because they never played right.  I’d get so mad when they’d just whack in any way they wanted… 

Sheesh, I played all four years of high school, I too was once a captain and I KNOW how to play the game… I was the authority on how to bump, set and spike the ball yet they would laugh in my face and smack it any ol’ place. You only get THREE hits on one side guys!  Nobody listened, they made up their own rules and so most times I’d storm away refusing to play by their non-confirming rules!  It happened every time… I should have learned.  They would roar which only made me madder.  “Fine, I’ll go have a beer, YOU play – but just know you’re not doing it right!”  (repeat the next weekend…)

 It’s really fun to see Chris and Jeremy and their cousins when they were younger.  Here’s one of Bob, their cousin who passed away when he was eighteen.  He would now be twenty-one. They were like the three musketeers, hanging out most of the summer as well as having play dates throughout the school year.  Bob loved fishing, golfing and bowling.  Jeremy loved swimming and Chris just wanted to be part of it all.
Past Christmas photos are precious to me.  I found their Christmas lists in the documents Jason retrieved.  In 2007 Chris wanted size 9 slippers, soup, boxers (not briefs), double A batteries, Gatorade, a nerf dart gun, Cheaper by the Dozen 2 (the movie), a trampoline and a gift card to Sports Authority.  I’m going to guess he got several of those things except the trampoline.  I never caved on that one…
It’s been heartwarming working my way thru the folders and folders of pictures.  Thank God I didn’t give up and toss out that old Gateway!  It sat and collected dust for the longest time but I love checking that task off my to-do list.  Jason, you’re a good man!  I really appreciate how much you have helped lift my spirits and given me back so many fond memories.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Regina,

    So glad you got your pictures back. I love looking through photographs and the memories they bring back. I too have a computer that has been sitting collecting dust which I won't get rid of because it has probably thousands (my husband says I take way too many) of pictures of my four kids. Then there's my laptop which recently stopped working and that has several thousand more pictures on it! I'm pretty sure I backed them up but what if I didn't? I would hate to lose those memories. One of these days I will take them some place to see if they can retrieve all my pictures for me.

    Thanks for sharing the "new" pictures. Enjoy your trip down memory lane.

    Hugs and peace.

  2. Regina,
    I'm so glad you have your pictures back, those are great memories! I'm a picture freak and i still print them all out, I'm 24 -so I've have had the digital for most of my "picture taking" life. I wouldnt know what to do without them!

    What I really wanted to share was that since super bowl sunday when I unlock my phone in the morning (which is where i usually read your posts) it has been already opened up to your blog, and I do not look at it before i go to sleep. I'm convinced Chris likes that I'm reading, and for whatever reason is telling me to continue reading. Also during the super bowl I played the "Box" game? first time ever, and i was hoping to get the numbers 6 and 9 for chris, I didnt, i had 7 and 3, but I ended up winning the first quarter anyway and I believe that was Chris too!! I didn't know Chris, or anyone involved, so I'm shocked this has happened to me, but I wanted to share because i think it is amazing.

    Have a great day

  3. So glad that you got all those wonderful pictures back. Thank you for sharing your memories. I was reading today and looking at all the photos, it put a smile on my face. I remember going through old photos and remembering it is a wonderful feeling. I look toward to seeing more. God bless.

  4. Regina,

    What an awesome moment for you to finally have these photos that you once thought were lost forever. Photographs are important to everyone, as they tell the story of one's life. Now you will be able to share these photos and continue on with telling everyone the story of your family's life.

    Although I don't always comment on all of your blogs, I truly enjoy and look forward to reading your blog every day. You have been blessed with a beautiful gift to write and a beautiful way to share your son's life with everyone.

    Linda DeDominicis

  5. Hi, I've been reading your blog since the beginning. I haven't ever replied but today I just had to. Concert mom is what I was/am, too. Countless shows I endured with my daughter, that I would have never gone to on my own. I remember sitting in the back corner at Northern Lights reading magazines or doing puzzles waiting for the "noise" to end LOL. I too went to the Nickleback concerts. I think 4 in total. And enjoyed them. Even got my husband to go to one & he's a big fan now. Finally got him to listen to something that wasn't from the 70s!! LOL

    Enjoy viewing your old photo's. I, too, have some stuck on a broken laptop. Don't know if I'll even get them back. Was told that cause the hard drive was actually broken, they probably can't be retreieved. But I'll hang onto it just in case I can get them someday. Don't even remember what they are. I don't back up & know I should. Maybe, I'll do that today before I lose the ones on this laptop. :)

  6. So happy for you that you got your pictures back. I had a hard drive crash several years ago and on it was about 3 years of pictures. The guy at the computer place told me he'd never seen a drive so "fried" and that it would cost thousands to have the data recovered. I guess I've always hoped technology might improve and the cost would come down, because I still have that hard drive in my desk, just waiting and hoping I might see those memories again. I'll probably always hang onto it, in case there's a chance I could have them back. Pictures do tell such wonderful stories.

    The pictures of you tell me you went to Holy Names. My daughter went there, too. I'd like to think that you got a lot of your strength and faith from going there. Maybe not, but it makes me happy to think that if my daughter ever had to deal with a tragedy she would have a strong foundation like you. As always, you are in my prayers.

  7. hooray for Jason!! although I'm sure there was a line at your door of people willing to retrieve your photos for you and bring you the happiness that these pictures are giving you. My favorite picture is the one with the boys laying on the floor playing the video games. I love those moments! my husband recently took a picture of my 3 boys all looking down at the ipad intrigued by whatever was on the screen. I love it. it's one I will remember for a long time.

  8. You just hit the lotto! So excited for you!
    Old pictures bring back so many wonderful times. I love looking back at our old pictures.
    Thanks for sharing them.
    Always praying for you.

  9. I used to hate taking pictures. I still hate getting a picture taken of me. However, every time I go on vacation now, I take tons of pictures. I even took pictures of all of the food I ate at dinner on my last cruise. I don't want to forget what that mac and cheese with bacon looked like!

  10. Regina,

    Yay, I am so happy you got those old pictures off the computer so you can look at them like "new" again! The pictures are great and I am sure they flooded your heart with warmth reminiscing about the days when the kids were young.

    With each new picture I looked at I felt excitement for you in this gift of photos! And those "old" pictures of you...very cool! Jeremy looks a lot like you , I think both boys have similarities in their looks and facial expressions, but maybe because of the dark hair and slender physique, Jeremy looks a lot like you!

    Thanks for sharing these pictures with us all...we are looking forward to seeing more!...Kindof makes me want togo through all my old photos of my kids..I miss those days!

    God Bless, XO

  11. Hi Regina. I hope you got to spend some more time today looking at those new found "lost" photos. It's very sweet of Jason to retrieve them for you. What a nice gift. Sometimes the gift of "time spent" helping someone out, are the most prized gifts. It's funny your friend is named Jason. My brother-in-law Jason is my go-to-guy when it comes to computers and I'm going to be picking his brain to help me get my pictures and documents to a safe place! I've bugged him before, but am really going to get after him about it.

    I was happy to read that you found yourself repeatedly saying “Of course!” How could I have forgotten that day?” And then having your memory of something that happened triggered and making you giggle.

    Reading that this morning made me smile for you. I love looking back at old pictures because I have so many memories that are just gone, and it's nice to see them and be reminded... sometimes having to reach out to someone to ask the details... All rewarding experiences. Everything happens in God's time and hopefully getting your hands on these "Lost" pictures made getting them back just what you needed at this point in time.

    "Of all of our inventions for mass communication, pictures still speak the most universally understood language"... This is a Walt Disney Company quote. Looking at your pictures above, they speak volumes of the times with your boys. I giggled with you about Chris' 2007 Christmas list and your volleyball stories. I too have the best memories of Volleyball times, in my mid-20's with friends at Grafton. Thank you for conjuring up that memory for me...The bruises... The competitiveness... Such fun times.

    "Taking pictures is savoring life intensely..." I'm positive you will savor your newly found "Lost photos". I am thankful you trust us enough to walk this journey with you and enjoy some of the pictures you post, so we have you and Chris even more in our hearts and memories.

    Take care, God bless...

    1. It's taken quite some time, but I put 10 of my albums off my computer onto shutterfly tonight! I got to relive my husband adopting my daughter; a few military homecomings; a 6th grade dance; camping and some junior high concerts... much more to go! My computer is old and slow and shutterfly isn't much faster!

      Thank you for the reminder to be on top of this!

      God bless...

  12. Thanks for reminding me to back up my photos. I would hate to lose them. What a wonderful gift for you to have those photos back. Enjoy!

  13. Regina, I have to tell you that as I was reading this post I was sitting in bed with my sick 3 year old watching her boxed set of Cheaper By the Dozen & Cheaper By The Dozen II. Too much of a coincidence! She's obsessed with both movies so much so that my husband and I finally caved and ordered the set. Maybe this coincidence is Chris' way to shout you out when you read my post? Sidenote: Although the movie is totally age inappropriate for my 3 yr old....with lots of "stupid" and "jerks"...who can deny the appeal of Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt! LOL.

    I come here every few days or so because I find myself relating to you as a mother. I find your love and devotion to your boys uplifting and inspiring. Enjoy those "new" old pictures!