Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Catching Up

I've had a bunch of personal e-mails and Facebook messages sent to me asking how I'm doing.  Some say they miss me and wish I still blogged every day.  I think that's sweet.  I appreciate that you reach out; it means a lot to me.
I thought I'd take a few minutes to spend with you.  I'm heading to Bailey's soon to watch the new TV show "Splash".  Have you seen it?  Ironic that a celebrity diving show came out this season don't you think?  Diving is Bailey's passion.  Did you know that Greg Loughanis called her when she was in the hospital recovering from the accident and now here he is coaching the contestants on this new ABC television show?  I find it fascinating.  Why did this show come out now????

On another note;
I love Easter, it's probably my favorite.  It's not stressful like Christmas tends to be with all the commercialism attached to it.  Easter is fun to shop for, it's enjoyable and affordable!  It means so many things religiously and seasonally. Spring is here and Jesus has risen, very refreshing to stop and reflect on.
So, I spent some time the other day dragging out all my Easter stuff.  Yes, I know I don't have little ones in the house anymore but they made some wonderful window decorations as kids and so I still display them yearly.  
Chris and Jeremy would roll their eyes at me and were probably somewhat embarrassed at their artwork as they got older but I always loved it. Each year I'd drag out the box of treasures and tape things to the windows.  I put the new tape over the old tape marks... there's years and years of it!  If I tried to remove it the construction paper would rip so I don't bother.  I can't take the chance of damaging it after all these years of preservation.  The colors have faded in the sun but who cares. The boys would make fun of their, um... lack of talent? But I was always quick to shush them.  They loved to make fun of how the other one didn't stay in the lines or colored poorly but I found their projects to be masterpieces!  
I texted Jeremy this picture the other day, I got no response, which tells me I got the eye roll when he saw it.  I thought that was pretty funny!  :-)  The exact response I was expecting to be honest.  A twenty-one year old most likely doesn't want his first grade artwork displayed on his bedroom window overlooking the neighborhood.  I do though!  And I'm here; he's at school and can't remove it, YET.
I'm sad I won't hide Christopher's Easter basket for him this year.  I found that in the box too of course.  It brought back great memories but a sense of loss too.  Mike and I made the boys search for their basket every year.  They'd do it reluctantly as they got older but we knew in actuality they loved it.  We had some really creative hiding places over the years, the dryer, the shower, inside the coat closet, out in the car in the garage and even outside on the porch.  If they found the wrong one they'd have to keep going until they were lucky enough to discover their own.  I don't know why, or how it started but we, I mean the Bunny, gave them new pajamas every Easter.  The "Bunny" never hid the pj's, he hung them on the kitchen cabinet knobs.  But the bunny gave exceptional baskets if I do say so myself.  Those lucky boys got XBox games, McD's gift cards, cash, candy, movie theater certificates and toys.  I don't remember getting a basket like that as a kid!  That bunny even found their room on a cruise ship one year.  Man was he thinking ahead!
This year Jeremy will get his blue and yellow basket again.  I don't know if he'll want to search for his without his brother but I'll ask him.  Maybe he'll surprise me and hunt through the house like he used to?  If not, that's OK, I understand everything is new now.  Both baskets will be out to see this year one way or the other.
I've been watching "The Bible" series on TV these past several weeks.  I know a lot of people have, I've seen Tweets and Facebook posts about it.  I'm glad the conclusion falls on Easter night.  I realize that was done by design and not a coincidence.  It's very good.  Took a little time for me to get the gist of how it was shot and directed but it has hooked me and I'm looking forward to Sunday nights conclusion. I have a feeling many of you have been watching it too.
I went to the SHEN Memorial Garden meeting on Tuesday.  I'm looking forward to working with all the students, faculty and parents interested in revamping the existing garden for all the deceased at SHEN.  I think it's a wonderful project to honor those who have passed and it will make a great resting spot right out in the main entry to the high school.  The initial meeting went well and we are batting around ideas for the layout as well as the financing and the varieties of trees, shrubs and flowers.  We have begun what will turn into a lovely and inviting garden to greet everyone at the high school.

So, this is a small glimpse as to what I've been up to lately.   Here's hoping you're doing well.  I'm always interested in your notes so feel free to reply here or on the RIP Chris Stewart Facebook page.  I'll be back in touch again soon!

Thank you for reading.


  1. Sweet to hear from you today Regina. I do feel a protective twinge when I hear people saying that you should go back to writing every day. You need to remind yourself that you do this for you. We are all creatures of habit... and it is understandable that we miss you on some days. But the missing is OK. I hope this is never a "should" in your life but a clearing for free expression.

    Tomorrow is Holy Thursday... a time when I used to celebrate much more deeply with the family, with the last supper celebration, ritual foot-cleansing, etc. This year... a board meeting during the day and packing for a road trip to Myrtle Beach - departing Good Friday. Things do change. And Change can be revitalizing.

    Easter... a time for new life. I will be thinking of you.


  2. Mrs Stewart,
    How lovely to hear from you. I'm glad that it seems life is going relatively well. You know what's funny? My parents hide the baskets for my brother and I too! It's a little difficult because I'm always on a spring training trip to South Carolina on Easter, but I can be sure that I'm in for a hunt when I get back.

    Oh the crazy life of Hannah Cowley. Well, let me say something that really helped on Monday. I came home to find my mother in the kitchen with a... ...large head wound. I asked her, trying not to panic, "Hey ma. So, whatcha got there?" She mumbled something about a horse and was talking about "Ellis or Albany?" I figured she got kicked in the head, just beside her right eye. Of course she did. (Ugh, that horse. It wasn't really his fault though. She had put her head where it shouldn't have been.) She kept saying that "Ellis is closer, Ellis is faster," but I loaded her into our car once seeing that she probably at the very least had a concussion and needed stitches and said to myself, "Alright, I guess we are going to Albany today." Correct me if I'm wrong, but they treated Bailey and Matt, right? That was part of it. If they could heal Bailey's neck and another friend's epilepsy, that's where I was going to go.
    After seven hours in the ER, my momma was released. She has a nice concussion going, some broken facial bones (but no surgery, yay!) and six stitches. When I was driving to the hospital (FAST) I was thinking about Chris, ironically. I knew how fast I was driving and that my mom was losing a considerable amount of blood so I asked him to just pick up our car if he could with his angel wings and help us. I think he did. It's a miracle that we escaped relatively unscathed. Thanks Chris! Thanks God!

    I'll be thinking of you on Easter. Remember the little things.


    1. Hannah,

      Oh my, what a scary experience for you. You did a great job handling it, but sweetie in the future please call an ambulance, especially for a head wound like that. What a brave girl you are to keep your composure and drive too!! You never cease to amaze me!!!

      Stay classy, chickie!!
      God Bless, XO

  3. Regina,

    It was nice to hear from you. I miss reading your blog. It sounds like you are keeping busy as usual. I like your idea of hiding the baskets. I think I am going to try that this year. The garden at Shen sounds so nice. I cant wait to see the finished project. I look forward to your next post. I hope you have a Happy Easter!


  4. Dear Regina:

    I hope you don't think that if I am not sending you messages or emails that you aren't being thought of? I didn't want to add pressure. But I think of you many times throughout the day when I read a quote, when I see the #69, or just when you happen to pop into my brain. I don't know why that happens, but it does. I feel the same way as Terri, that the blog is for you and we are just fortunate recipients of your words when you feel the urge to write. Know it's not expected, but when received and read, appreciated and we get a chance to spend time with you if only for a few moments.

    You seem busier than ever from what I read today and what I have seen on facebook, and I know you are focusing so much good energy towards Chris' memory and even tormenting Jeremy with fun texts! Jeremy sounds a lot like my son Jeff. I send him texts or pictures or facebook messages and he never responds. I try not to be upset by that, he is 23!

    The garden at Shen sounds amazing. I would like to visit it, when it is complete. I'm sure you will let us know. Like you said with Easter comes new beginnings and with spring beautiful colors popping up. It's a perfect time for focusing on the Memorial Garden. I love the transition between winter and spring. As we move into transitioning to Spring, I will be starting at a new church. I have gone twice to this new church because Ally was asked to visit to see the church and then played there on St. Patrick's Day. This Sunday I am going with the intention of the church being my new parish. What better day to start that new beginning than Easter? As I started my day, I came across this prayer my friend posted and I find it fitting and wanted to share: Let us pray: "Grant, o God, that as we seek your forgiveness, we may be new creatures in Jesus Christ, with new purposes and new allegiance to You and with renewed determination to live our lives as You have asked us to, by Your Grace, Amen!"
    Let's make today count!!

    I have never been one to decorate my house for Easter (and actually wait until the last moment to decorate for Christmas) but it is always rewarding when I can pull out old artwork of the kids... They even liked it this year. They laughed at Jeff's lack of artistic ability and chuckled at Ally's over achieverness even back in elementary school. I have those same old cracked pieces of tape on the backs of all of it. Sadly I don't have any artwork for Easter, just Christmas.

    I have seen glimpses of the show Splash, did not know it started this season. I'm a creature of habit when I get to watch t.v. and most of my shows are DVR'd so I can watch them when I have time. Lately I spend a lot of time time in my car and with my new system get to watch movies right on the radio screen so it's old movies for me right now. Thankfully the sun warms up the car and it's bearable in there! I hope you enjoyed watching it with Bailey. I hope she is feeling better. I'm sure her visits with you are uplifting for her and you. Maybe you shared some Coney Island Ice Cream while you watched? If not, you should next time!

    I will say an extra prayer for you on Easter and secretly hope Jeremy lets the Easter artwork remain in his window!

    Thank you for taking the time to catch up with us. God bless... <3

  5. It was so nice to hear from you and what you have been up to. I have replied a few times to you and once as a message on your FB page. I just wanted to let you know that you are thought of daily and Chris and the rest of your family are as well. I always light that candle in church for both Chris & well as Matt & Bailey.
    Often times I go to bed and wonder if I missed a post and feel compelled to get up and recheck the RIP page.
    Well once again I am so happy to hear your doing ok....and my goodness you are one busy lady! That is very inspiring to me:)
    I hope you Easter is beautiful and peaceful!
    Sending lots of love and prayers to your family.

  6. Regina,

    I too love Easter. It is my favorite Holiday. It is so peaceful and calm, a new beginning. I always feel refreshed after the Easter holiday. I too have tons of artwork my kids did, and I attempt to downsize but I just don't have the heart to toss it. Someone suggested taking a photos of the projects then throwing them out. I like that idea, but somehow a photo I don't think will feel the same.

    As far as missing your daily blogs, yes I do but it is for selfish reason, I want to hear how things are with you... I don't want the blog to be a burden or a task. I want it to be an outlet for you and your I will gladly wait and enjoy any time you so feel compelled to blog.

    I LOVE SPLASH!!!! And Greg Louganis, he is soooo good looking. I think he is a class act too, calling Bailey, and all...what a guy!!!

    I enjoyed reading your blog today, and I look forward to whenever you want to blog again...

    God Bless, XO

  7. I have been watching The Bible religiously (haha, pun intended!) and I just love it. A lot of gore but that was the reality of life then, and still is in a lot of ways. Enjoying watching it with my 18-year-old daughter (we have to DVR it because there's NO WAY she's willing to miss Walking Dead so I wait and watch it with her) and I really love the dialogue it has opened up for she and I.

    I like the happy surprise factor when I see one of your blogs posting.

    Happy Easter to you, Regina!

    Jen Malatino

  8. Hi Regina,

    I too love Easter and still put together baskets and eggs and hide them for my kids (26 - Ashley celebrated a birthday yesterday - I cannot believe I have a 26 year old!; and the boys - 23, 19 and 17, plus Daniel's girlfriend who's also 23!!) I actually just got in from Dollar Tree where I purchased plastic eggs, grass and a few goodies for the baskets. The one "bigger gift" either a book, dvd or cd, depending on their choice, came from Amazon and is wrapped and ready to go in the basket! They may roll their eyes but they love hunting for the baskets and eggs! For many years we traveled to FL to visit their grandparents. Egg and basket hunts took place in the hotel room! Funny there was always that one egg we could never find!

    I love how you say you texted Jeremy and he didn't respond! My son, Daniel, has an apartment and he rarely responds to my texts! And I know he does the eye roll when reading. Such a boy thing!!

    Thanks for sharing and catching us up! Happy Easter to you, Mike and Jeremy!
    hugs and peace

  9. Regina,
    I was very happy to see your blog today. I was thinking about when the kids were younger and hiding the Easter baskets and the eggs. The eggs were great. Trying to find creative places to hide them. Making sure all eggs were found and that the cat didn't roll them under anything. Could you imagine not finding and egg for days. Not a great This year Easter is going to be very low key because of the move. I found a place and going to spend alot of time weeding through 18 years of things. I hope that you have a wonderful Easter. I also wanted to tell you that the high school chorus concert last night was wonderful. I unfortunately was unable to stay for the entire thing, but my daughter came home, makeup all over her face. She had been crying and said the dedication performance for Chris and Deanna was so beautiful. She did perform last night also and her group sounded phenomenal. Thank you for sharing and God bless.


  10. Hi Regina,

    Sounds like you've been very busy but have some fun things to look forward to.
    The Shen garden sounds wonderful.. I don't know how you keep all these events and meetings straight!
    I love that you're going to Bailey's house for some relaxation and to enjoy the new reality show Splash! I did hear that Greg Louganis was one of the coaches but I wasn't aware that he had contacted Bailey shortly after the accident. I hope that she is healing and that she is doing OK with her diving .. She is a very brave young girl.
    I miss you but I hope that you feel less stressed and know that we're still here and think of you often.

    I'm getting out of dodge for a bit.... And wish so much the same for you.. A get away to regroup and renew..
    Happy Easter Regina..

  11. Happy Easter,
    I am thinking of you this morning as I do every morning.
    Keeping you in my prayers,